Saturday, April 9, 2011

Corrupt Beginnings - Borgias Style

Dude here, and for whatever reason, I decided that making a blog this fine Saturday evening was a damn good idea (I'm only a few minutes away from scrapping the idea) and so, why not start off with some awesome things everyone should know about. You may have put two and two together and noticed that blogging can actually make you money while sitting on your ass and spewing random crap (No pun intended) in between those riveting trash mobs pulls in your not so favorite raid (Talking to you WoW players). I mean, how else could you pay for all the mountain dew, beer, Doritos, weed and whatever else you have to ingest to feed that addiction. Oh and I guess you have to pay for the subscription, but that's not really even a option, I mean you HAVE to pay it..

Wow, (Again no pun intended) so anyways, there's this amazing site that allows you to watch Movies and TV for free. Anyone who hasn't heard of it or still pines for ninjavid without knowledge of it's successor, is an idiot (I'm kidding of course. No I'm not). So what are you waiting for, go watch free stuff whenever you damn well please, suck on that huge broadcasting corporations who make our favorite shows and give thousands jobs. Welcome to Icefilms, Awesome.

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